Our Assets

We manage one of the largest non-government portfolios of oil and natural gas royalties in Canada with an expanding land base in the United States, uniquely positioning Freehold as a North American royalty company. Our total land holdings encompass greater approximately 6.4 million gross acres in Canada and includes exposure to approximately 0.9 million gross drilling acres in the US. We have interests in more than 18,000 producing wells and receive royalty income from over 380 industry operators. The diversity lowers our risk, while we benefit from industry drilling activity on our royalty lands.

Freehold actively manages its asset portfolio to deliver shareholder value, with a strong focus on business development and accretive acquisitions.

As a royalty interest owner, we do not pay any of the capital costs to drill and equip the wells for production, nor do we incur costs to operate the wells, maintain production, and ultimately restore the land to its original state. The operators pay all of those costs and we simply receive a percentage of the production.

While Freehold is primarily a royalty company, we also own working interests in oil and natural gas properties where we do pay our share of the capital, operating, maintenance and restoration costs. Our working interest assets represent less than 1% of our total operating income and less than 1% of total production.