Leasing Opportunities

Freehold Royalties Ltd. owns approximately 380,000 acres of unleased mineral titles. 

If you are interested in leasing mineral title, please contact Ashlee Rowland at: leasing@freeholdroyalties.com or 403.221.0835

Downloadable unleased land layers for geoSCOUT and AccuMap users are provided in the prospect pages by clicking the Zonal Map Index below.  Note the files have been zipped and should be downloaded to a folder for import and unzipped for full functionality.  Land layers are current as of July 2020. Contact us for current open holdings verification.

Prospect Summary Province Formation
Arcola-Star Valley: Alida Saskatchewan Alida
Enchant: Sawtooth Alberta Sawtooth
Enchant: Sunburst/Taber Alberta Sunburst/Taber
Frys-Parkman: Tilston Saskatchewan Tilston
Frys: Alida Saskatchewan Alida
Hastings: Frobisher Saskatchewan Frobisher
Heavy Oil Corridor: Mannville Mannville
Macoun-Steelman: Midale Saskatchewan Midale
SE Sask: Regional Torquay Saskatchewan Regional Torquay
Skinner Lake: Ratcliffe Saskatchewan Ratcliffe
Steelman: Frobisher Saskatchewan Frobisher
SW Sask: Lower Shaunavon Saskatchewan Lower Shaunavon
Taylorton-Pinto: Bakken & Torquay Saskatchewan Bakken & Torquay
Taylorton-Pinto: Midale Saskatchewan Midale
West Central AB: Cardium Alberta Cardium
West Central AB: Duvernay Alberta Duvernay
West Central AB: Falher Channel Alberta Falher Channel
West Central AB: Glauconite Alberta Glauconite
West Sask: Bakken Saskatchewan Bakken
West Sask: Viking Saskatchewan Viking
Weyburn: Midale Saskatchewan Midale
Workman-Alameda: Midale Saskatchewan Midale
Workman: Frobisher Saskatchewan Frobisher
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