Freehold Royalty Trust completed its initial public offering in 1996 raising $264 million. Through its early years of operations, Freehold's strategy was focused on providing a low risk income vehicle for its unitholders by distributing income via its distribution. In 2010, Freehold Royalty Trust converted to a corporation and changed its name to Freehold Royalties Ltd. As a corporation, Freehold's strategy has remained the same with the objective to provide a sustainable dividend, growth in production, while maintaining low debt levels.

Over our 23+ year history, has grown production from 5,000 boe/d in 1996, to current levels greater than 10,000 boe/d, and has generated greater than $32 per share in dividends to its shareholders.

Freehold has a rich history. Scroll through the timeline below to get an understanding of the history behind the high quality assets that produce steady cash flow for our shareholders.